At LIDTKE, we manufacture nutritional supplements that are kind to your body – using pure natural ingredients that are tested at multiple independent laboratories for pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

   In everything we do, we strive to restore life and health. For this reason, we value and honor those who share our philosophy. Many dream about making the planet a better place, but only a determined few dedicate their lives to actually making it happen.

   When it comes to nutritional supplements, there are hundreds of details that must be controlled to attain the highest quality. As a manufacturer, you truly must believe in your work to spend decades refining procedures and identifying the best sources of raw materials.

   As a specialty manufacturer, and in order to live up to our philosophy, we take the time to understand each ingredient, so we can discern small, but important differences in quality.

   For over 25 years, LIDTKE has taken pride in providing the very finest quality nutrients. LIDTKE products are identity and purity validated in an FDA registered, GMP certified facility.  LIDTKE stands behind each product and guarantees customer satisfaction.


Be well in mind, body, and spirit!

Zinc (Chelate)

   LIDTKE now offers Zinc as Bisglycinate Chelate from Albion Minerals, an advanced, more bioavailable and patented form of the essential mineral zinc. While most zinc supplements aren’t easily absorbed and can cause gastric upset, LIDTKE Zinc is chelated to produce small, organic molecules that pass easily through the digestive tract and are gentler on the digestive system. 

   Chelation naturally occurs during digestion, after stomach acid and enzymes break down protein into amino acids. LIDTKE Zinc is bound to an amino acid to form a chelate-complex, assisting transport through the intestinal walls. Interested in more in-depth information about LIDTKE Zinc?  LEARN MORE >

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Super Immune’s Potent Nutrients

   Viruses are clever at survival. Many escape your immune system by coating themselves with fibrin. Super Immune takes a unique approach, working to dissolve this protective coating and remove the spikes that a virus uses to attach to a cell.


   This flowering plant has a long history combating respiratory viruses. Prior to  the introduction of antibiotics in 1950, echinacea held an esteemed medicinal status. 

Olive Leaf:

   For centuries, the olive tree has been known as the Tree of Life. Oleuropein, one of the active ingredients in olive leaf, works to reduce the reproduction of viruses.


   A phytonutrient-rich blend of superstar fruits and berries, abundant in Vitamin C, polyphenols, bioflavonoids, resveratrol, and other nutrients.


   Bromelain is the key enzyme found in pineapple stems. This concentrated proteolytic enzyme works to digest the protein in fibrin and biofilms protecting viruses, such as the corona virus.

Vitamin D:

   D-3 is the natural form your body makes from sunlight. Research demonstrates that vitamin D, especially at higher doses, supports excellent respiratory health.

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Lidtke’s Berry-C
from Fruits & Berries

   A natural blend of superstar fruits and berries, bursting with flavor and abundant in natural Vitamin C, and other nutrients important to the immune system, skin, and eyes.

Acerola Cherries:

   One fruit contains 28 times the vitamin C of a lemon! Plus, vitamin C from acerola is 1.6 times more bioavailable than synthetic forms, meaning your body more easily and effectively utilizes this form of vitamin C.


   Strawberries are not only high in vitamin C and amazing health-protecting flavonoids, but are also one of the few organic sources of ellagic acid. Plants produce ellagic acid to defend against infection.


   Often called a superfood, blueberries are full of phytochemicals like resveratol, bioflavonoids, and anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. 


   The high levels of proanthocyanidins, found in cranberries, help the body’s immune function by nurturing the lining of the gut, where a large part of the immune system is actually located. 

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Potassium Iodide

   For years, physicians have been prescribing Potassium iodide for may types of respiratory issues. Potassium iodide may be taken as an expectorant to thin mucus and loosen congestion in people with even persistent breathing problems that can be complicated by thick mucus in the respiratory tract. 

   Typically taken three to four times a day to address dry coughing, breathing difficulties, or sluggish thyroid, your dose and length of use will depend on your medical condition and response to treatment. Follow all the instructions on the product label carefully when taking potassium iodide. Interested in more in-depth information about LIDTKE Potassium Iodide? LEARN MORE >

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